Want to study while you work, or just don’t want to study full time? You like to get a timetable like in school and generally have a clear time management for studying? Coming directly from school, already having years of work experience, retraining or simply further education according to your wishes? Then welcome to a university of applied sciences! No matter why you decide to study at a FH, in my blog article I explain what you should be prepared for if you want to study part-time.

Public universities in Austria are free of charge and you can arrange your…

It’s all about Content. It‘s all about Storytelling. These are the phrases you hear the most often when it comes to content and content strategy. However, the best content is nothing without context. What will the best and most beautiful story do if there is no background. Of course, that’s what storytelling is for, but the context should never be ignored.

The Story: My sister and her family

Let me give you an example: It’s the story of my sister and her husband.

My sister and her husband have two wonderful children, a big house and live happily together with a dog and a cat.” Nice story…

Imagine you live with your parents and your two siblings in the middle of Graz. You and your siblings share a small room and money is rare. You get necessities for birthdays and Christmas. New shoes, new clothes and even that tends to be bought in cheap shops. Just imagine it. And now imagine that this very person organises a social project that gives children all over Austria little presents on special occasions, like Easter and Christmas, who are having a hard time. How did the idea come about from this poorliness? I’ll tell you in this blog post.


The idea to “wünsch mir was”


Tamara Schiffer

#graz #marketing #contentstrategy ❤️ Social project by Heart wuenschmirwas.at 💚 Auntie for Life

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